Sunday, December 27, 2009

big value assorted feathers

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B + T: homemade feather headdresses, cement dog, vintage jewelry

My dear friend, The Stylish Wanderer, made a headdress for my dog, Pinky. Here is the result. Thank you, SW!

A fan sent in a photo of her own headdress creation! Wow! Bravo! Beautiful!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Vermont gave us a lot of inspiration, including a scenic backdrop and a beautiful man named Spencer. We plucked him straight out of the green mountains for this special shoot. Look at his striped cashmere. yummmmm. Thank you, Spencer! Keep being fabulous.

B: vintage dress, vintage boots, vintage eggshell cashmere cardigan

T: vintage dress, hemp Converse, vintage leather belt, vintage purple cashmere cardigan

S: boy pants, vintage cashmere sweater

Wooden sanctuary, jalopy, a lot of twigs, the forest