Sunday, August 23, 2009

Q and A: I Answer Your Questions

What jewelery do you want right now? I'm really into tribal fashion. Surma and Mursi tribes of East Africa's Omo Valley - keep being fabulous.

What type of camera do you use? A Canon Rebel Xti with standard lens.

Do you edit your pictures? Yea, I like

Whats your favorite piece of clothing in your closet? I don't have a favorite piece of clothing, but I do have a favorite accessory - my dog.

How has your style or outlook on fashion changed since you started this blog? I feel like I have really grown emotionally and spiritually. Preparing this blog has been a healing process for me.

Have you ever made a piece of clothing? Like, stiched it from bolts of fabric? Who do you think I am? Maria from the Sound of Music?

How tall are you? Im 5'3' and a 1/2

How old are you? Im currently 20

Your dream travel destination?
Rwanda's Volcano National Park.
Who doesn't love a hot Safari?

Do your friends know about this blog? Yes, of course. Who doesn't know about this blog?

How many hours per a day do you spent on the internet?How many hours do I NOT? 

Do you have an all-time favorite, style-defining, most-beautiful-and-inventive-thing-you've-ever-seen collection?

Do you like vintage? Love. Am slave to, more accurately. 

How much do you spend on clothes every month? I don't have to buy clothes, they just appear.

What have you been addicted to in the past? Rubber bugs.

What can you say about yourself that no one would know just by looking at you? I don't believe in hair straightening. 

How do you feel about AA's use of sexist advertising?I'm not into politics, I'm just into shopping.

What magazines do you read? Bitch.

What sites/blogs do you look up?

How do you find out about new collections? I dream them.

Do you sometimes let the fact that your blog is popular get to your head? Let me be real: Yes.

Are you a social butterfly around your peers or are you more reserved? Everybody knows my name.

Do you read all your comments? I really value what "the people" have to say...

What is one site on the web you can always depend on for inspiration?

Who do you think is the most beautiful celebrity woman? Keira Knightly, after she lost all that weight.
What is your main incentive behind putting together creative outfits? Its about soul. My soul needs to speak. 

What would be the perfect day for you? Wake up late, grab a redbull, meet up with Paris and Lindsay, go to lunch at the Ivy, lounge by the pool, meet with Natasha (my facialist), drinks at the Roosevelt Hotel, meet up with the girls again...

What is your favorite joke? Waking up one morning with a shaved head... 

Would you rather be a model in Paris or a musician in Barcelona? Neither; I'd rather be a cokewhore in Fresno. I want to be free.

Do you have any siblings? If not, do you wish you did?No

Sushi or Thai? I don't speak either.

Watermelon or strawberries? Strawmelon. I really appreciate hybrid engineered edibles.

How does your hairstylist cut your hair? Do you have layers on the outside or underneath? Are your bangs layered? I tell Jacky - I need something edgy and slightly socially uncomfortable. Thats real art.

Do you have any fashion icons? Lady Gaga (and all members of the No Pants Brigade) and Donatella Versace.

Post a picture of a dress you'd be if transformed into one! 

What songs are you listening currently? Body Language - Heidi Montag

Do you use make-up? What make-up do you use on daily basis? Never leave the house without mascara.

How did you find 'your own style'? I didn't find it. I copyrighted it.

Favourite SNL character? Natalie Portman in her rap. OBVS.

What do you usually do with the clothes you give away?Banish them from thought.

When are you happiest? When a fan recognizes me. Or when I hold the September issue of Vogue in my hands.

Why do feel the need to keep your name private when you already reveal so much about yourself? My legal name IS ...

How do you deal with negative comments (if any) in real life about your style? Please. There are none.

What "group" would you say you are part of in High School? I fly solo because, honestly, no one meets my caliber. 

Do you think wearing high heels at such a young age is bad for your feet? Again, must I repeat? We all know it's better to look good than to feel good...

What clothing/shoe/accessory do you wish would be banned? Giant diapers.

How do you overcome the fear of not wearing "mainstream" clothes? I'm always wearing mainstream clothes underneath my other threads. It gives me confidence.

What ethnicity are you? fabulous

If you were a mythical creature, what would you be? Dumbledore

If you could be a pokemon which would you be and why? He has the best press...

Is it hard to keep up with posting things on your blog? I pour my blood, sweat, and tears into this. The things we do for the people.

Have you ever thought of what it would be like to have no arms or legs? Well, we all know it's better to look good than to feel good, so...

Have you ever single handedly thrown a cow off a building? No, but I have thrown a rock.

What colors do you wear the most? BLACK.

How would you wear a tank with very big openings without over- exposing yourself? If you've got it, flaunt it.

Have you ever been offered a modeling job or anything likely through or because of your blog? All the time.

What type of phone do you have? Crackberry.

Would you rather live in countryside or in big city? The countryside IN a big city. Who wants to give up pony rides or fresh sushi?

What's your fav piece to play on the piano? Chopsticks. Because I really like Chinese people.


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