Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dirty Lovin'

Dirt. Hairspray. Crying gardens. What do these all have in common?

B: Vintage lace dress, vintage leather shoes, tarnished sterling silver chain necklace, multi-colored button strand, side-stripe asphalt leggings, Swedish military coat, teased hair, Christian Dior mascara, Crimson Taboo Mac lipstick

T: 1972 Patagonia ski pants, eastern prayer beads, Theory t-shirt, vintage raw umber striped button-up, vintage be-speckled boiled wool blazer, oversize platinum safety pins, neon yellow Ethiopian patterned scarf, cotton Indian scarf, Mephisto gray boots, vintage leaf cuff, dirty hair, dehydrated lips, narcoleptic eye sockets

Vintage sock monkey, Found cart


  1. #3 and #8 are magically delicious. like sweet lucky charms that turn the milk that yummy shade of green (which personally I like so take that as a compliment)