Friday, January 15, 2010

UPDATE: Lovin' on Dirty Lovin'

Darling Readers,

Recently we got a surprise gift in the mail! We LOVE surprise gifts! Apparently, a tiny minion (who requested anonymity) was so inspired by our "Dirty Lovin'" post that she created this beautiful acrylic piece in response.

She writes: "I love the juxtaposition of chic and grunge, so as soon as I saw your 'Dirty Lovin' post I knew my next piece had to relate somehow. I call it - 'Lost or Found (...Cart)?' "

THANK YOU avid fan! Your detailed craftsmanship and luminescent talent is perfection!

How FABULOUS is this?!


  1. wow. what dedication. it's almost mind-boggling.

  2. this artist must really love you and/or that image...