Saturday, January 2, 2010

when? 2010

HELLO 2010!
B: snake print dress, party hat
T: sequins

Starting the new year with resolutions provides healthy structure.

B's New Year Resolutions
10. Hand-sew my own version of Bjork's swan dress for my brother's graduation.
9. Befriend and then play as many pranks as possible on the nerdy party guy who just moved in across the hall.
8. Give said nerdy party boy a fashion makeover (note: pleated denim is never acceptable - especially in pant form).
7. Envision, design, and actualize a Lady Gaga shrine. Encourage Lady Gaga to envision, design, and actualize a TCP shrine.
6. Own a pet chinchilla.
5. Pattern and create matching outfits for said chinchilla and TCP members.
4. Redecorate my living spaces purely in a palette of cream, dove, and putty.
3. Design an edgy and accessible harness for young 20 somethings to sport in street-friendly high couture AND for Portia and I to model in our video (see #1)
2. Bring fashion to the masses.
1. Create an alternative version of the famous "Ellen and Portia at Home" games, with Portia (original games)


T's New Year Resolutions
10. Wear more velvet.
9. French-kiss a lemur.
8. Pursue loving-kindness and extend compassion.
7. Eliminate all negativity, including people who suck.
6. Grow my vintage sock monkey collection.
5. Write a book relating quantum mechanics to high fashion.
4. Get it on Oprah's book list.
3. Order a Bedazzler.
2. Eat more blueberries.
1. Have a dance-off with Ellen Degeneres.

Warm hugs,

Have a splendid year full of joy, success, and great health.

And remember to always wear fabulous jewelry...


  1. I totally wanna make 2010 jewelry centered!

  2. thats cute how you put the jewelry in the pie.:)

  3. i love how you both included ellen degeneres ;)